May 21


Weight Loss

Looking to shed more than 15 kilos?

By Stefanie

May 21, 2019

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• Looking to shed more than 15 kilos?
• Need to reduce your weight and BMI to improve your current health and the way you look and feel?
• Is food ruling your life and you have no control over your eating habits?
• Tried many diets without long term success?
• Can’t afford or do not want bariatric surgery?
• Worried about the hospital stay and surgery risks?
• What if your BMI is not over 40 yet and you do not qualify for bariatric surgery?
• Haven’t got NZ$ 20 000 to pay for the laparoscopic gastric sleeve procedure?

Did you know that there is a very affordable Virtual Gastric Sleeve (Band) program run by experienced therapists costing you a fraction?
Intrigued and curious? Find our more.

Hypnotherapist Stefanie has helped over 200 people with this popular 4 session program. No side effects and no invasive surgery

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Available for clients out of Auckland area

There is no amount of weight loss that is guaranteed.

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Stefanie Schaefer is a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist | Hypnotist and Homeopath