May 3


Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking? Hypnosis can help.

By Stefanie

May 3, 2019

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Hypnotherapy can help improve your communication skills.
Want to improve your public speaking skills?
Speak clearly or overcome stutter?
Increase your confidence levels and self -esteem?
Overcome anxiety?

Hypnotherapy might just be your solution
The fear of public speaking is a very common problem. It can arise from negative past experiences, fear of failure or disapproval, lack of experience and negative thought patterns.

Speaking successfully to an audience can be very useful at work giving presentations or managing sales negotiations. It is also important for students presenting projects and in social situations like wedding speeches or proposals.

Through Hypnosis our subconscious mind can get the mind tools and positive rehearsal for successful communication in the future.

Ready to take a leap forward and free your mind? Speak to Hypnotherapist Stefanie at Hypnosis Auckland about your goal.

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Stefanie Schaefer is a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist | Hypnotist and Homeopath