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Stefanie Schaefer - Professionally trained Clinical Hypnotherapist | Hypnotist & Homeopath

Hypnosis Auckland - Stefanie Schaefer

Stefanie Schaefer - Hypnosis Auckland

Hypnosis Auckland Is Run By Stefanie Schaefer

Stefanie is a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist and Homeopath. This combination enables her to use both treatments for some clients. This is especially beneficial for stopping addictions and helping cravings.

Stefanie attended the New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy in Auckland to gain the Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis.

She completed her National Diploma in Homeopathy with the South Pacific College of Natural Therapies.

Stefanie is also a Professional Member of HNZ Hypnosis New Zealand.


Weight Loss/Virtual Gastric Band

Stefanie Schaefer is a certified practitioner for the “Virtual Gastric Band/sleeve” weight loss program (trained by Sheila Granger UK).

This is an exciting 4 week long program (one to one sessions only) and includes the initial session (90min.) and another 3 weekly sessions (45min.) plus it includes two recordings to listen to at home.

Quit Smoking

As a smoker, your subconscious expects you to smoke. Perhaps you crave a cigarette with coffee, alcohol or when stressed.

Maybe you smoke to stop boredom or to hold onto something in stressful situations? These associations are so strong that willpower has not been enough to quit.

Mental Health

The three one-hour sessions are designed to allow change to a person’s mindset, to give them a set of ‘mind management tools’ that can help them focus on the present and future instead of focusing on negatives, failures and their own limiting beliefs.

This is not just a short-term fix, it is creating skills for life, habits for being calmer and much more resilient to life’s events. 

Reduce Alcohol

The aim of the program is to reduce the alcohol intake to a more moderate and acceptable level.

Are you looking to moderate your alcohol consumption?
Has your relationship with alcohol built up over a period of time and wish you would be able to drink socially – within limits?


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Stefanie is a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist | Hypnotist and Homeopath.

Contact Information

Email:  hypnosisauckland@gmail.com

Phone: 021 022 45727