15/05/2019 Virtual Gastric Band/Sleeve
Thanks Stefanie, loved working with you and will definitely be recommending you whenever I can 🙂
Amanda from Auckland
15/05/2019 Bedwetting (enuresis) Skype session

He is getting on really well thank you. We can’t believe it!  First night, just slightly damo on his PJs, 2nd night the same, 3rd night dry!, 4th night damp, and the the last 4 nights dry also!!  He is waking in the night to go to the toilet, and waking dry.  He’s so happy as are we.  Thank you so much,

Many thanks Stefanie, you have made a very happy boy! (And parents!)


J. from Hawkes Bay

20/03/2019 Non smoker program

Hi Stefanie, just a quick note to let you know I am feeling absolutely fantastic being a non-smoker  I actually haven’t listened to this second recording at all as I just feel great!!! Thanks and I’ll be in touch soonish to discuss the next stage – i.e. the losing weight stage


08/03/2019 Virtual Gastric Band program
Hi Stefanie
Thank you so much for this, and for all you have done for me over the last month.  You really are brilliant at what you do and I think you are amazing as you really do make a fundamental difference to people’s lives – mine in particular.
I’m actually going to miss coming to see you each week as I think you are a lovely person – as well as a great professional!  I’ve enjoyed getting to know you.
Thanks so much for all the support, I will let you know how I get on and send you a photo when I finally get into those dresses!
Have a lovely weekend
Carolyn/ Auckland
 06/03/2019 Virtual Gastric Band program (3 months after program)
My progress continues and I have now hit the 15kg mark and am feeling really good about it.  Thank you again for helping win this battle!!
Also thank you for what you have done for my friend.  She has done some extreme diets in the past but I can see this working for her and how she feels and it is wonderful.
I will keep you posted on my progress as I hit the next milestone of 20kgs!  There is no doubt in my mind that I will get there even with the lack of exercise!.
I hope all is good for you – it certainly is for me!!
31/01/2019 Virtual Gastric Band program

I found the virtual gastric sleeve hypnotherapy program to be highly effective. I was immediately able to be satisfied with three small meals per day, and the results speak for themselves. In the first three weeks of the program I have lost 8.3kg, and fully intend to continue on and reach my goal weight.

Stefanie is kind, friendly, and knowledgeable, and she tailors each session to the individual needs of the client so that you can be sure to achieve the best possible results.

Before beginning this program I was concerned that four weeks wouldn’t be long enough to help me gain long term success. I no longer feel that way, I am completely confident that so long as I’m willing to take responsibility for my own health and well being that I can not only reach my goal weight, but remain there.

I would heartily recommend Stefanie’s Virtual Gastric Sleeve program to anyone who has struggled with reducing their portion sizes, or with keeping their motivation fueled. Also, as great side benefit, I’m spending a lot less on groceries while getting full on yummy healthy food!

Nancy from Auckland
16/01/2019 Stop smoking

Hi Stefanie,

Thank you for the recording and thank you so much for your help, it feels good being a non smoker 🙂

Kind regards,
30/11/2018 Virtual Gastric Band (sleeve)


Just to let you know I have hit 10.3kg loss today!

Thank you again for changing my life!

I have been singing your praises to lots of people and I hope some of them will get in touch.
I hear you will be working with a friend via Skype which is wonderful.

I hope all is going well for you. It certainly is for me!

Thanks again

11/11/2018 Virtual Gastric Band (sleeve)

Hi Stefanie

We have totally changed our eating patterns. We drink lots of water. We walk every day. Our meals are smaller and we eat slower and savour the food.
We were just talking today about still hearing your voice in our heads!  Nothing tastes as good as thin does!
We are both steadily losing weight and have already needed to discard some of our clothes as they already swim on us.
Thanks for the check in.
Nga mihi
B & L
29/10/18 Virtual Gastric Band (sleeve)

Hi Stefanie

I can’t thank you enough for changing my life.
I am in double figures with my weight for the first time in over 30 years.  99.4 yesterday morning.
Both my sister and I are going strong and you have given us a new lease on life.  The switch has been flicked.
I hope this finds you well and happy.
Huge thanks
Very best regards.
19/10/2018 Virtual Gastric Band (sleeve)

Hi Stefanie

Just thought I’d send you an 8 wk update. Have lost 14kgs so now 101.5. Was aiming for 15 by labour weekend so didn’t quite make it but still pretty pleased.
Am listening to your recordings a couple of times a week to keep on track.
Thanks for everything.
Cheers Julz
25/09/2018 Virtual Gastric Band (sleeve)
“The programme exceeded expectations. I have lost 10kgs in 4 weeks and it wasn’t difficult! Amazed at the results so far. Thanks Stefanie”
01/09/2018 Anxiety about health
Lovely staff and great therapy. Hypnotherapy sessions are so relaxing with no judgement and safe spaces to explore feelings and thoughts. Just beautiful.
 25/08/2018 Reduce addiction and promote fertility
Lovely , welcoming staff at My Remedy. My hypnotherapy session with Stefanie is already taking hold after only listening to the follow up tape twice! I strongly recommend Stefanie’s hypnotherapy for anyone wanting to achieve goals and remove obstacles that are preventing them reaching their goals. I’m really pleased I took this approach and have already recommended it to my friends and family!
20/08/18 Be in tune with emotions and let them run
I was very fortunate to find Stefanie for hypnotherapy. This was my first experience of this therapy, and I found her to be very experienced, supportive and knowledgeable. She is also a homeopath which has complemented my hypnotherapy treatment, she has a great understanding of the mind and body. The session was fantastic, I felt so relaxed and reassured, and she really triggered what was blocking me in my subconscious mind. I only wish I found her sooner!
22/07/2018 Jaw clenching (Hypnotherapy and Homeopathy treatment)
Hi Stephanie,
All is going well, I noticed a massive difference with the nat mur so am definitely keen for more!
A huge thank you for the suggestion for Terry his one is amazing!! It takes 2 doses of 2 tablets but my goodness it works for him!
I am having good results when I listen to the tape with my jaw clenching before bed.
I think that proves that stress & relaxation balance is the key!!
Feeling great thank you.
I would be more than happy to recommend you, will do it this weekend for you.
You’re an angel, I feel amazing, wonderful time to meet such a talented lady!
Have a lovely weekend
I have a few referrals for you too! I have been singing your praises!
11/07/2018 (Sleep/insomnia) 1 week after 1 session only
Dear Stefanie,
I am sleeping through the night now and have more energy throughout the day.
I listened to your short recording and made the other changes you suggested.
Happy with the quick and positive outcome.
Ted from Torbay
13/04/2018 (Virtual Gastric Band) 6 weeks after completing the programme

Hi Stefanie

I have lost 9 kilos since our last session together.  My fitness and health have improved markedly and I’m feeling great. Cholesterol has lowered too!
I have a big pile of old too big clothes.
Best thing I’ve done coming to see you.
Warm regards
Kathie from Auckland

 21/03/2018 (general anxiety) after first session

Hi Stefanie,

Thank you so much for our session on Monday.
I just wanted to let you know that I have been  feeling really good and a lot calmer the last few days. I have listened to your recording too.
I will check in again in a week but I just wanted to say thank you and I feel a lot calmer and hopeful.
Thank you,
El from Auckland

 23/03/2018 (Fear of needles and injections/vaccinations) 
Hi Stef, Harry and I wanted to give you a big hug of thanks for your help with him overcoming his needle phobia
Harry age 11, Auckland

02/03/2018 (Virtual Gastric Band) 4 weeks into the program!
Weighed today 9.4kg total loss to date
Cyndi/ Auckland

07/02/2018 (Stop Smoking)

Hi Stefanie,

Going really well. Have not had a smoke since last session. Have not really had the urge.
Feeling very good about things!
Thank you.
Anna H Auckland

06/02/2018 ( Virtual Gastric Band) 8 weeks after having finished the 4 week program
The weight loss is steady, I have lost 10kg and I am happy for that. Lots more to go but slow and steady is good with me.
Stefanie is understanding, knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. I would totally recommend her and hypnotherapy!
I will be coming back for my fear of flying in June.


Sarah W. Auckland

28/11/2017 ( Anxiety/Fear of taking High blood pressure readings)

Hello Stefanie
Just an update on my progress to date.
I am pleased to let you know just how well I am feeling, and how far I have come since my appointments with you.  Your recordings have played a large part in my recovery as well and I am continuing to listen to these as well as using the other tools.
I am at the stage now that I can do my blood pressure readings with no fear, apprehension or anxiety and this in turn results in the readings being quite consistently low.
Thank you Stefanie for your assistance and I certainly couldn’t have done it without you.
Life is great!!!
Best Wishes

29/10/2017 ( Tinnitus)
Dear Stefanie,
You are the only person on my medical journey over the past 6 months that connected dental, tinnitus and mercury and for that I’m very grateful.
P. Auckland

(client is undergoing heavy metal detox now)

25/09/2017 ( stop smoking)

Hi Stefanie,

I’m doing well. Exercising and feeling much better – and of course, smoke free!

I haven’t got to the holiday booking step yet but I’m looking forward to that.


26/08/2017 ( tinnitus)

I had been searching for a ‘cure’ for my tinnitus for some time when I came to see Stefanie.  The ringing noise I was experiencing was loud – probably a 4-5 (5 being loud) and it was constant.  I noticed the noise all the time and I was having difficulty sleeping and concentrating at work.   It was my sole focus which was making me very anxious – it was overwhelming.

I had two sessions with Stefanie.  She prescribed a homeopathic remedy and also provided me with an audio recording which I listened to for about 3 months every day after those sessions.  During this time Stefanie stayed in touch with me to check on my progress.

After 3 months of listening to the recording I can honestly say its about 1-2 now and I don’t notice it as often.  I am sleeping better and its not the first thing I think about when I wake up, I feel much calmer and happier.  As time goes by I know, eventually I won’t hear it at all.

Like any form of holistic healing, your own mind is powerful tool as much as the treatment itself.  I firmly believed and trusted in the process and with Stefanie’s support I am in a much better space today.  Thank you Stefanie.

RM, Auckland

11/02/2017 (bed wetting, Enuresis)

He has actually had a very good week.  Most nights, his last drink is around 7pm & his bedtime is always 8pm .  He has been dry all week in the mornings

N. from Albany

24/01/2017 (sleep problems)

“Morning Stefanie. Just wanted to let you know that I had an amazing nights sleep. Didn’t wake once. Thank you so much.”


16/01/2017 (lack of confidence & focus)

Hi Stefanie

Yes, I listen to the recording every night.

Yes, change in focus and confidence.


11/12/2016 Bruxism (grinding teeth)

I got in touch with Stefanie a few months ago to see if she could help me with hypnotherapy. I had issues with clenching my jaw since I was a teenager and after a dentist visit I was determined to find an alternative therapy to heal the tension I was holding by getting to the root of the problem. I had been wearing a retainer to protect my teeth at night- but still, from unconsciously tensing my jaw during the day- especially in periods of stress- I had caused damage to my teeth. Stefanie explained how the hypnotherapy could help and how it works and also offered alternative methods to help support healing due to her knowledge of homeopathy. The first session was a great experience and I felt looked after and relaxed and Stefanie’s gentle approach and her soothing voice made me feel at ease. The recording was great as I could listen to the audio at any time and it became a soothing ritual before I went to sleep. I started to become more aware of the tension i put on during the day and I don’t wake up with aching jaws anymore. Highly recommend! Thank you Stefanie

Anna, North Shore/Auckland

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