Are you suffering from Insomnia | Sleep problems?

Having trouble switching off and going to sleep or staying asleep?

Hypnotherapy can be very helpful in terms of changing sleep habits and can establish healthy sleep behaviour.

We all deserve a good night sleep. Having a good rest, let our body regenerate and feel refreshed and full of energy in the morning....

Stefanie has helped many clients with getting a good sleep pattern again. A bad sleeper can become a good sleeper!

Program Includes:
3 weekly sessions
Support recording to listen to at home
Includes homeopathic sleep support remedy (if appropriate)

Program Costs:
$449 (payable at initial consultation)

Hypnosis Auckland

For an appointment with Stefanie please contact:


021 022 45727
Mairangi Bay
0630 Auckland
Monday - Friday: 10.00am to 7.00pm
Saturday: 10.30am to 2.30pm

Therapy Disclaimer

While hypnosis has many beneficial effects, hypnosis is not a substitute for appropriate medical attention.

The content of this site is not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your doctor or health care provider promptly.  

Actual results may vary from person to person and Stefanie does not make any guarantees that you will get the same results as the clients who have voluntarily provided reviews/testimonials.

Never listen to hypnosis while driving any machinery.

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