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Bedwetting / Enuresis

Just sharing amazing results with hypnosis/hypnotherapy for children who wet the bed…..

In my experience, children respond very well to hypnosis treatment for any kind of problems.

Reason being is that they still have a fantastic imagination which takes them to the right place and re programs their subconscious mind and allows positive changes for their future.

Ideally I see them at their home environment if possible.

Initially, I have a chat with the child, to establish what is going on and explain to them how common it is for kids to find it difficult to keep their bed dry. I make a point of never using the words “wet” or “wetting” the bed or bed wetting. I let the child make some suggestions about how to achieve a dry bed and what they could do if it hasn’t happen. Another useful tool is to hand out a “drink diary” and the recommendation not to drink after dinner (making sure they had enough fluids throughout the day though).

After this I guide them to a relaxed state/trance by letting them get comfortable , speaking in a soothing voice and taking them on their imaginary journey and get easy access to their subconscious mind.

Once the child appears in trance (half awake) I make positive suggestion with regards to how to successfully keep the bed dry and how wonderful it is and what a great achievement.

The ability to have sleepovers at their friends houses and so on….

I record an approx. 10-15 minute long hypnosis script/recording for them to listen to every night in bed. (if from a device, please switch it to airplane mode to stop EMR).

By listening to the recording the suggestions will be embedded even stronger and it is more likely that the new reality is achieved to keep the bed dry and stop wetting the bed.

Sometimes a second hypnosis session can be helpful, depending how responsive the child is.

The session is 60 minutes long. Home visits are available on the North Shore (Auckland) only.

If you would like your child to use this approach, feel free to contact me on 021 02245727 or email me to stefaniehomeopath@gmail.com

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