Virtual Gastric Band/Sleeve/bypass

Stefanie is a certified¬†practitioner for the “Virtual Gastric Band/sleeve” weight loss program (trained by Sheila Granger UK).

See her VGB practitioner registration here on Sheila’s website and above photo with hypnotist Stefanie and hypnotist Sheila ūüėČ

This is an exciting 4 week long program and includes the initial session (75min.) and another 3 weekly sessions (45min.) plus it includes two recordings to listen to at home.

The virtual gastric band surgery is being performed at the first session whereby the client will be safe, pain free and comfortable.

UK trials (and my experience with clients) show that clients loose typically approx.2-3kgs in the first week followed by an average weight loss of 1kg weekly.

It is not a diet and allows permanent changes for the client in terms of eating habits and exercise motivation.

Part of the program is to follow 9 golden rules ( rule no.1 is to buy a new item of clothing in the desired dress size ;-)) and three small meals a day…..(due to the Virtual Gastric Band reducing the size of the stomach) where you can eat anything you like in smaller portions.

This is a realistic and positive approach to permanent weight changes.

Why is it so effective?

Hypnosis taps into the subconscious mind (90% autopilot of a person) and this is a lot more powerful than just wanting to loose weight with willpower (10% conscious mind).

During hypnosis, permanent changes with the relation ship of food are established in addition to motivation for a  healthy exercise regime.

The total costs for the above 4 week long program is $399 (payable upfront)

Stefanie also offers a similar 3 week program by Sheila Granger for “Stop Sugar Cravings” for $¬†299 in total.

Check my positive feedback from previous clients who lost weight in my “testimonial section”.

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