26/08/2017 testimonial from tinnitus client RM, Auckland

“I had been searching for a ‘cure’ for my tinnitus for some time when I came to see Stefanie.  The ringing noise I was experiencing was loud – probably a 4-5 (5 being loud) and it was constant.  I noticed the noise all the time and I was having difficulty sleeping and concentrating at work.   It was my sole focus which was making me very anxious – it was overwhelming.

I had two sessions with Stefanie.  She prescribed a homeopathic remedy and also provided me with an audio recording which I listened to for about 3 months every day after those sessions.  During this time Stefanie stayed in touch with me to check on my progress.

After 3 months of listening to the recording I can honestly say its about 1-2 now and I don’t notice it as often.  I am sleeping better and its not the first thing I think about when I wake up, I feel much calmer and happier.  As time goes by I know, eventually I won’t hear it at all.

Like any form of holistic healing, your own mind is powerful tool as much as the treatment itself.  I firmly believed and trusted in the process and with Stefanie’s support I am in a much better space today.  Thank you Stefanie.”

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Hypnosis for tinnitus

Many seek tinnitus hypnosis to ease their symptoms after trying various other methods. Hypnotherapy is a modified state of consciousness in which the mind is temporarily re-routed. This allows the subconscious mind to open up to selective, positive and mood-boosting suggestions.

Because there are different types of tinnitus, each person’s hypnotherapy treatment is unique. Hypnotherapists will use a variety of techniques and methods to help sufferers live at relative peace with the noises. They will also retrain the brain to be less disturbed by them. By guiding a person’s subconscious mind to process the sounds like it does everyday background noise, hypnosis for tinnitus can make the sounds seem less threatening.

How does tinnitus hypnosis work?

Hypnosis for tinnitus works by gaining entry to the subconscious part of the mind that stores memory, imagination and particular habits. By working with this part of the mind, hypnotherapists can help to train the client’s reaction to tinnitus sensations. The aim is to help them learn not to notice the sounds so much and allow them to naturally tune out from them.

By accessing this part of the mind, hypnosis for tinnitus is also thought to help heal other aspects linked to the condition. Common examples include stress and low mood. Feelings and emotions lie within our energy system so the removal of this internal negativity is thought to provide clients with a better opportunity for healing.

Under hypnosis, a client’s subconscious mind can revisit a time immediately before the onset of their tinnitus symptoms. The hypnotherapist will then bring them forward to a time when the client’s tinnitus began. This allows them to pinpoint the exact moment when negative emotions associated with the condition arose.

From here, the hypnotherapist will diffuse these emotional charges by instilling a positive mental attitude. This paves the way for retraining the client’s mind to focus on other stimuli rather than the internal ringing and buzzing sensations. This helps to reduce the volume and impact of their tinnitus symptoms.

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“Evidence demonstrates that hypnosis can be of benefit in the treatment of tinnitus in some individuals”

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