Gaming addiction

Overcome gaming addiction with hypnosis


Are you or you partner or children addicted to gaming? Starting to

neglect work, relation ships or other aspects of your life? Gaming addicts easily become isolated as the world of gaming increasingly becomes the real world for them. It can be an escape from dealing with life

Gaming addiction may be stealing your life away and can stop you finding genuine and longer lasting satisfactions.

Gaming addiction behaves like any other addiction

Initially you become

  • Tolerance– meaning that you meed to play more of the game to achieve the same satisfaction.

  • Withdrawal symptoms when you don’t play it. It can be irritability, agitation and obsessive thoughts about the game. Playing the game again temporarily stops gaming addiction withdrawal

  • Preoccupation. You spend your time wondering what’s happening in the game or fantasizing about playing it again.

  • You might find that ‘time flies when you are gaming. You can find yourself only planning to play for a short while and ‘all of a sudden’ you’ve lost hours. Any addiction will always trance you out which is why you lose track of time.

  • Addictions always cause you to neglect other areas of your life and means less time for family, exercise, fresh air, socializing studying and other work. Maybe you have tried to stop your gaming or to reduce it but have found yourself hooked onto it again.

Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis can assist to overcome addictions and other bad habits such as smoking, gambling and to reduce drinking to just name a few.

Stefanie is also a trained Homeopath and can prescribe remedies to help with withdrawal symptoms.

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