Stop Smoking Program



As a smoker, your subconscious expects you to smoke. Perhaps you crave a cigarette with coffee, alcohol or when stressed. Maybe you smoke to stop boredom or to hold onto something in stressful situations? These associations are so strong that willpower has not been enough to quit.

Understanding your smoking habit is key to breaking it, and during our consultation we will discover why your subconscious prevents you from stopping smoking. Just a simple, fast, effective stop smoking hypnotherapy technique.

How to become a non smoker?

Stefanie offers a reassuring package of 2 hypnosis sessions, a mp3 recording and provides a natural remedy to help with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

The above program costs $249 in total and stands at a approx.80% success rate.

Testimonial 20/03/2019 from a happy non smoker:

Hi Stefanie, just a quick note to let you know I am feeling absolutely fantastic being a non-smoker  I actually haven’t listened to this second recording at all as I just feel great!!! Thanks and I’ll be in touch soonish to discuss the next stage – i.e. the losing weight stage

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